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Alishan Oolong tea

Alishan is famous for its high-mountain oolong tea. It is a broad area with many distinct oolong tea producing areas. Two of the most famous of the Alishan tea areas are Zhong Shu Hu and Shi Zuo. Mount Ali is one of the most popular tourist areas in Taiwan. It is rich in scenic beauty and features fresh air and clear mountain passes. The narrow gauge railway built by the Japanese is famous throughout the world. Wood from Mount Ali is highly prized. Some say it carries the spirit of the mountain, and for this reason is sought after for making ancestral tablets that almost every Taiwanese family possesses. The oolong tea growing areas are situated between 1000 and 2300 meters in attitude. The high mountain conditions offer plenty of fog and low temperatures which are ideal for oolong tea, and the water used for irrigation is from pure mountain springs. Mount Ali tea is characterized by its sweet fragrance with overtones of flowers and fruit. Our Four Season oolong tea is a fine representative of Alishan oolong tea.

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