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Black tea infuser(Ceramic filter inside)

The material of glass ware is borocilicate,which is fire-resistant high quality glassware. It can stand boiled water from 150 centi grade to zero30 centigade. All the glass tea ware are made by blowing. the infuser is used to brew black tea,especially Jin Junmei black tea bud. it is easy to control infusion time and tea soup. Ceramic filter inside


Step1: Put an appropriate amount of tea into the water tank, which includes a  

        superfine sieve and an outflow button。

 Step2: Pour boiled water into it, cover the lid. Make sure that the tank does

        not leak. Tea starts to immerse in the tank。

 Step3: Press the outflow button on the cup lid. The tea water will be filtered

         out and flow into the outer cup. The tea flavor can be adjusted

         according to the time of tea immersion。

 Step4: Take out the tank and put it on the inverse cup lid. Pour the filtered

         tea water into the drinking cup. The tank can continue to make tea。





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