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Dan Cong Oolong(Natural flavors)

Dan Cong is a very old tea which history record dates back to 900 years ago. The tea plants are believed to be a specimen of the Shui Xian strain that have been carefully selected to breed as Dan Cong's tree, which is a single trunk tree that rises tall and straight up, and with branches that open out like an umbrella. Feng Huang Dan Cong was also an Imperial tribute tea during the Song dynasty. Taste: The dried tea leaves of Feng Huang Dan Cong are very aromatic even before they are steeped. The infusion yields a beverage that is sweet with a peachy flavor reminiscent of a popular fruit in China called longan. Appearance: Slightly curled, long golden-brown tea leaves. Flavors: Sweet Peach, Orchid,Ginger Taste: Unlike normal Jade Tie Guan Yin, the dried tea leaves have very subtle fragrance. Yet, once steeped, the lovely orchid-like fragrance fills the air. Almost heavenly! It has a sweet honey note with a hint of floral taste. Refreshing, mild but lasting floral aftertaste. Appearance: Tightly curled dark jade green leaves. The infusion is yellowish green in color. According to deepth of oxidization, there are Green Tie Kuanyin and Dark Tie Kuanyin. 2012crop Spring Oolong are coming into market in bulk in May and it is good time to enquiry their price nowadays. Your any enquiry will be welcomed.

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Dan Cong infused Tea leaves

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