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Dark Tie Kuanyin(Oolong tea)

Tie Kuanyin named Iron Mercy Goddess in English, is one of best famous Oolong tea fromAnxi city, Fujian province, the home of China Oolong tea. As one of half-fermented tea, It is useful for diet and has good fragrance with some sweet like green tea. Moreover, Oolong contains main of China Gongfu tea ceramony. According to deepth of oxidization, there are Green Tie Kuanyin and Dark Tie Kuanyin. Dark Oolong tea is different Green Oolong tea for deepth of oxidization althought their raw material are same. The dark Oolong is roasted several times by experied tea worker. Usually, the people will roasted once each year to keep their good taste. By this way, the Dark oolong will taste smooth and soft. It is good for our stomach and for our diet. Even tea lover drink it when we are hungry and it will not stimulate our stomach. Moreover, people who is used to Coffee daily, can accept this kind of Oolong very mcuh

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Dark Oolong and Tea Soup

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