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Liu Bao Cha (Diet Tea similar Puer Tea)

Dark tea is one of most China teas. The origins of dark tea include Hu Nan province, Hu Bei province, Sichuan province and Yun nan province. The two most famous dark tea origins are Hu Nan and Yun nan province. Yun Nan is famous for Puer dark tea and Hu nan province, especially An Hua city is famous for dark brick tea. Dark tea is helpful to lower BLOOD-FAT AND CHOLESTEROL. In China's minority ethnics regions, such as Sinkiang, Tibet, where people used to eat meat, and dark teas are popular there and they are helpf to get rid of fat. Liu Bao Tea is one of famous dark tea. Its origin is Guangzhou province, south-west of China. It has different shape, such as cake, brick or bulk. It can be packed in bamboo basket. Dark tea has cake shape, brick shape, bamboo basket shape as well as bulk shape.

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