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ShouMee cake(Bai Mudan Cake)

Bai Mudan has same tea bush as white tip silver needle. it is famous for abundant Amino Acid, which can prevent co senescence. Its soup is very nice, greenish but clear and tastes a little sweet. Moreover, it can be good to cure cold. This tea has two kinds, one is organic including JAS, NOP, IMO certificate, the other is regular one. For Bai Mudan is light tea and it will take much space during sihpment. In order to save space, people press them into cake smiilar Puer tea. it is about 357 gram each cake

EU standard Tea



Grade 1                       Grade 2                                   Grade 3

Grade 1: tea leaves with some needle

Grade 2: big leaves with few needle

Grade 3: big leaves without needle

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