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Xihu Longjing tea(Dragon Well tea)

Longjing tea has been one of the most famous teas in China for a long time. This marvelous tea has been described in Lu Yu's Cha Ching (The Classic of Tea) as the four perfections - perfect color, taste, fragrance and shape. During the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kang Xi was known to travel from the Forbidden City just to get a taste of the freshest Long Jing. This emperor grade Long Jing is made using very fine, first flush tea leaves.

Other names:
Emperor Dragonwell, Emperor Lung Ching

Emperor Long Jing has a soothing aroma and flavor. The taste is smooth, delicate and highly refreshing with a sweet floral aftertaste.

Fresh green and evenly sized, flat tea leaves. One bud, one to two leaves variety.

Harvest time: from March to June every year

How TO make Green tea

As tea with long history, Lungching is most famous China green tea and well accepted by people in China even around the world. It grows in areas around West Lake in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang province. Its shape is flat and its soup color is greenish and clear. It tastes light with sweet.


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