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MOQ&Shipping Policy



Our shipping policy is basis of your final order quantity.   


We have much experience in dealing with different kinds of tea business, including serivce for big professional tea importer as well as small tea shop or retail business. Your any business will be welcomed.


if the sum of purchase is over USD7,500 once, we will shipping goods as your requirement. By sea in general trade or by express way are ok for me. Shipping by sea is best way for it can save much freight.


If sum of purchase is less USD7,500 once but over USD3000, we can accept shipping by sea as your requirement, but any inspection fee will be charged by you. Otherwise, we have to ship goods by express way.


if your purchase is less USD3000 once, we can not accept shippping by sea or by air in general trade. And we have to ship them by express way. By this way, the express charge will be higher than sea freight,but goods will reach your door and save much time as well as work for you. Time is very important, especially for quality tea goods. 



for more information, please contact with me without any hesitation and my email is



Paul luo

Founder and Manager

Hangzhou Green-Rock Tea Co., Ltd

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